granite counter top install

Whether you are working with a contractor, kitchen dealer or direct with a stone shop, there are a variety of factors to consider when selecting a company to do your countertop work. Key among them you will find price, time efficiencies, quality, service and the manufacturer’s experience.

Rest assured that a proposal from Rumford Stone will be complete and all-inclusive based on the information you or your contractor/kitchen dealer provides us. There will be no hidden charges that pop up or quality compromises.

We don’t advertise square foot pricing because it’s important to consider all the factors before accurately pricing a project. If you are obtaining square foot pricing from the internet, you should budget for hidden charges and things that are excluded in the fine print. In many cases, square foot pricing limits your ability to view the material in advance or have any say on seam locations and other quality related compromises.

Come to our showroom and see what we have to offer, speak with our staff and judge for yourself if Rumford Stone is the company you want working on your next project. Request a quote today!

We typically install our countertops within 7 business days of taking measurements (templating) at your home. Production time can be shorter or slightly longer depending upon each project’s unique requirements.

We communicate installation dates early in the process to ensure your project runs smoothly. If you have a particular time constraint, just let us know in advance and we’ll work with you to be sure we meet your deadlines.

When you purchase a countertop you are purchasing the skill and experience of the trades people who do the work. Ask your fabricator about the experience of their staff, look at their shop, showroom, website and proposals. Are they clean, neat and organized? You’ll find there are big differences between the risky low-end providers on the internet and the genuine professionals you’ll want to hire for your project.

We back our quality with a lifetime warranty.

Our owners’ family has been working in the US stone industry since the early 1900’s. Our modern New Hampshire fabrication facility is staffed with skilled workers, trained in-house.

All our field personnel have had criminal and civil background checks performed prior to being allowed into our customer’s homes. Everyone who works for us is on our payroll and is fully insured. We do not hire subcontractors to fabricate or install our work.

Nothing mentioned above matters if your experience is handled poorly. Service is everything to us. You’ve trusted us to work in your home; we owe it to you to support you every step of the way.

Throughout your project, you’ll be interfacing with a number of people on our staff. In order to assure your project runs smoothly, we’ve invested in software and systems that allow our staff to communicate seamlessly so that anyone you speak to at our office can pull up your job information and answer your questions.

Natural stone is beautiful, durable and an excellent countertop work surface for your kitchen. Being a natural product, it can be fragile to handle. There are times during fabrication and installation when the stone breaks or things just go wrong. This is where working with the right company makes all the difference.

At Rumford Stone, we stand behind our work. That means we will make every effort to promptly repair or replace any work that falls short of our standards. We want you happy and will make sure that you are.